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Save Halloween!
Skinner Strike
Skinner Enterprise
Skinner Getaway
Skinner Homestead
A Time to Fly Free
Grandpa and Me

The summer holds a surprise for twelve-year-old Charley, in the form of a mysterious dog who appears in the woods across the lake from her home. In order to connect with this wild spirit she names Coyote, Charley will have to do more than just walk. She will have to follow Coyote into the heart of her memories: the woods her mother loved so much. And she will have to learn to listen past the silence...
Surviving the Applewhites
2003 Newbery Honor Book. Jake Semple is a scary kid. Word has it that he burned down his old school and then was kicked out of every other school in his home state. Only weeks into September, the middle school in Traybridge, North Carolina, has thrown him out, too. Now there's only one place left that will take him...
Save Halloween!

Eleven-year-old Johanna, who is deeply involved in the sixth grade Halloween pageant although her family views it as a celebration of an un-Christian holiday, decides that she must follow her own beliefs.

The Great Skinner Strike

When fourteen-year-old Jenny Skinner's mother goes on strike for better working conditions in the home, and as a result polarizes much of the community, Jenny, her three younger siblings and her father come to some surprise solutions.

The Great Skinner Enterprise

Fifteen-year-old Jenny relates the further adventures if the Skinner family when her father decides to incorporate the entire family into his new business venture called "At Your Service"

The Great Skinner Getaway

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer recounts more adventures of the Skinner family as they set off on vacation across the United States in a motor home.

The Great Skinner Homestead

Fifteen-year-old Jenny relates her family's misadventures homesteading in the Adirondack Mountains during one summer.

A Time to Fly Free

Ten-year-old Josh, who finds his private school unbearable, joins forces with an elderly man in tending injured birds.

Grandpa and Me

Her grandfather's increasing senility brings Kerry to a new understanding of both him and her own place in the family.

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