Save Halloween!

Stephanie S. Tolan

Save Halloween!

Morrow Junior Books, 1993

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On the way home Brian was telling me about an idea he'd had to videotape the performance and sell cassettes to everybody's families.  I wasn't paying very close attention, because I kept thinking about what Mrs. Teator had said - if one of us didn't do what we'd promised, it would hurt everybody.  The whole project.

Brian was talking about how much to charge for the videotapes when I noticed the flyer attached to the telephone pole.

Uncle T. T.'s name and picture were in the middle.  BANISH SATAN was printed across the top in big red letters, and across the bottom, STOP HALLOWEEN.

A Booklist Editors' Choice

* "Will strike a chord in many young readers.  Thoughtful, pithy, and entertaining, this will intrigue readers from cover to cover." -- Booklist (starred review)

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