Skinner Enterprise

Stephanie S. Tolan

The Great Skinner Enterprise

Macmillan, 1996

"It was Mom's strike that really began it all."  That event, chronicled by Jenny in The Great Skinner Strike, marked the onset of the changes in Jenny's conservative father.  They are minor at first - a sporty moustache and flashy clothes.  Then comes the day of the Ultimate Change, a seemingly normal day with nothing to warn Jenny of the disaster ahead.  Mr. Skinner has been fired.  And that's not all.  He arrives home in a brand new $16,000+ van and with grand plans for the Skinner Family Enterprise.  Soon, he has turned the dining room table into Central Headquarters and incorporated the whole family into "At Your Service," a new-concept firm designed to do errands for people who are too busy to do them themselves.

Some of the Skinners become gung-ho supporters.  But Jenny remains unconvinced, envisioning a future of sacrifice, hard labor, abject poverty, and certain failure.  But the enterprising success of their trial run proves even harder to handle.  As the clamor for their services mounts to a chaotic crescendo, it looks as if the Skinner Family Enterprise will be the downfall of the Skinner family.

Readers will welcome the return of the Skinners in this hilarious sequel to The Great Skinner Strike.

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