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Stephanie S. Tolan
Sophie and the Sidewalk Man
Marcy Hooper

Bartholomew’s Blessing

Bartholomew Mouse is a very small mouse.  When an angel arrives at his door one snowy night, Bartholomew can’t help but be surprised.  And when she invites him to be blessed by a newborn prince, he can hardly believe his tiny ears.  Is he really worthy of such an honor?

Marcy Hooper and the Greatest Treasure in the World

Third-grader Marcy, who can't seem to do anything right, has an adventure involving a dragon and treasure, which bolsters her self-esteem.

Sophie and the Sidewalk Man

Sophie is torn between her desire to buy a beautiful toy hedgehog and her compassion for a hungry street person.

Wishworks, Inc.

Max is not having a good time in his new school or his new life.  His only solace is his imagination...

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