Marcy Hooper

Stephanie S. Tolan

Marcy Hooper and the Greatest Treasure in the World

Morrow Junior Books, 1991

Marcy Hooper reads fairy tales.  Her happiest hours are spent in a world of high adventure - amid castles, princesses, unicorns, and dragons.  But in the real world there are spelling tests, two-wheeled bikes, and jump ropes that trip her up.  In that world, Marcy tells herself, she is a failure.  And so one fine day, when the hills beyond the town seem to promise castles and princesses, Marcy Hooper runs away.

In this sparkling story, Marcy has an adventure scary enough and challenging enough for any fairy-tale heroine.  And she learns that way down deep, she has the courage and resourcefulness to win the greatest treasure in the world.

Stephanie S. Tolan has written many compelling books for your adults.  But now that one of her three stepsons has given the world the first Tolan grandchild, she is looking toward a younger generation.  Marcy Hooper and the Greatest Treasure in the World is her first story for early-grade readers.

Karen Milone graduated with honors in illustration from the Parsons School of Design in New York City and has illustrated a number of children's books, including Lee Bennett Hopkins's Still as a Star: A Book of Nighttime Poems.  She lives in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

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