Wishworks Wishworks, Inc.

HarperCollins, 2009

Chosen by the New York Public Library as one of the 100 best children's books of the year!

Max is not having a good time in his new school or his new life.  His only solace is his imagination, where he and his big, beautiful, beloved dog King can have any adventure they like.  Max knows there's a difference between real, like the bullies at school, and imaginary, like King, until the evening he and King discover Wishworks, Inc., a shop where wishes are guaranteed to come true.  Why not wish for what he's wanted all his life--a real, live dog?  Why not indeed?

Amy June Bates has provided lots of terrific illustrations.  Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine

"...engaging scenes and plot twists keep the story moving along in interesting directions....A lively, accessible chapter book."  --Booklist

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