Witch of Maple Park

Stephanie S. Tolan

The Witch of Maple Park

Morrow Junior Books, 1992

"What did I tell you? She is a witch."

Casey Corrigan knows that Mackenzie really might be psychic.  That's why she doesn't dismiss her best friend's warnings about the witch.  Even Casey has to admit it's eerie the way they keep spotting the eccentric old woman around town, spying on them and Mackenzie's baby-sitting charge, three-year-old Barnaby.

Casey still hopes this is just another of Mackenzie's wacky New Age enthusiasms.  But as she investigates, the evidence mounts.  Soon she and Mackenzie are "visualizing" protective armor, wearing amulets to ward off evil, and trying to keep the headstrong Barnaby out of sight.  Then they hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from the old woman's apartment... and Barnaby disappears!

There's humor and suspense in this fast-moving novel as Casey and Mackenzie near their fateful meeting with the witch of Maple Park.

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