Who's There?

Stephanie S. Tolan

Who's There?

Morrow Junior Books, 1994

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Fourteen-year-old Drew and her younger brother, Evan, who has been mute since their parents' deaths, arrive at the home of their father's estranged family, hoping to find a place to belong. Their grandfather is ill and difficult, but their Aunt Jocelyn, though reticent about family history, is welcoming enough--until Drew reveals her conviction that there's a ghost in the house. Tolan adds a few neat flourishes (there's an unsettling twist in family history and more than one ghost), along with lots of traditional ghost-story trappings. Ghostly encounters are sufficiently creepy, characters are drawn with care if not depth, and there are no messy loose ends. And without weighty psychologizing, Evan even regains his voice.

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