A Good Courage

Stephanie S. Tolan


A Good Courage

Morrow Junior Books, 1988

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"Don't," Samarah said as Ty held his favorite rabbit.  "Don't get too attached to her."

"Why not?" he scoffed.  "She's safe..."

The girl replied, "In the Kingdom, nothing's safe!"

It was true that he was new here, but it couldn't be that bad.  In his fourteen years, Ty and his mother had called many strange communities home.  He firmly believed that his mother's rapture over the Kingdom would, as always, turn to disillusionment.  Then they would be off again - to Florida, he hoped.

Meanwhile, experience had taught him to think about what was good.  And there were good things in this place.  Kids, for instance, and animals, like the rabbit Ophelia.  Brother Daniel, the Kingdom's founder and leader, seemed kindly enough.  And the friendliness of Jeremiah made it easy to ignore all that stuff about Yahweh and laws and driving out the devil.

Why then did Samarah's words haunt him?  His mother was looking for freedom from the demands of the outside world - a place where the two of them could be family.  What price did you have to pay for that kind of refuge?

And what did you do when the price became too high?

A Good Courage is a searing, suspenseful novel with characters who will live in readers' minds long after the last page has been turned...

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