June 2005

Stephanie S. Tolan

Notes from the Author Ė June 2005

Authors Notes have been running behind, due to an ďupgradeĒ of the server that hosts my website. For readers who are more used to technology, it might not surprise you to find out that this upgrade (which is supposed to mean making something better!) ended up crashing my site for weeks, and then first deleting all my incoming e-mail and then totally re-arranging how my website e-mail works. So not only are my authors notes a bit behind, but lots of my e-mail disappeared before I could answer it.

I apologize. On the other hand, this is one of those times when at least I feel good about the fact that none of it is my fault! It isnít as if Iíve been out walking the dogs and ignoring you all. Yes, Iíve been walking the dogs, and writing Beyond the Dark, and revising a book for younger readers called Wishworks, Inc. But at least those arenít the reasons Iíve ignored so many e-mails and didnít get Authors Notes up for May. Todayís June 1, so weíre off to a fresh start with the upgraded server Ė hoping that all will go well from now on!

Happy summer to all of you who are out of school. Last year I started swimming in our lake in May -- this year it has been too chilly. I wonít think of it as summer till I get to swim every day! That will no doubt happen this month. Meantime, Iíve off to New York City for a week to visit my son and daughter-in-law and to celebrate grandson Maxís second birthday. Wishworks, Inc. will be dedicated to him, and Iím hoping that by the time it comes out, heíll be able to read it with me!

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